Reading Rooms Weddings

Brief: In mid-2016, we were approached by local builder’s firm Gaskin Builders on behalf of their client Mr Williams who was renovating The Reading Room in Alby. After looking through the plans, it was clear to see that this project was too good not to be a part of. Mr Williams and his team were planning on restoring the 17th century building to create a unique and intimate wedding venue in the heart of the North Norfolk countryside. This historic building was once used as a meeting place for locals to get access to books and learning materials; much like todays public libraries. Mr Williams’ project will bring this enchanting building and its beautiful woodland surroundings back to life as a charming wedding venue which will be opening in 2017.

Solution / Execution: Due to the nature of this project and the history involved, it was imperative that we maintained the gothic style features of the building whilst involving the security and modern design features of high performance windows and doors. Our team worked alongside Gaskin Builders, Mr Williams and the North Norfolk Council to create a range of stunning arched windows which ticked all the boxes. Our new CNC machine enabled us to create some incredibly unique designs which captured the essence of the original Reading Room while at the same time, giving them all the modern security you would hope to see in a public venue. Each window was created in sections using advanced computer software from Italy to ensure that the final pieces were millimetre perfect. These oak windows were finished in Wicker and Cypress stains using our Teknos spray system, helping to create a grand yet warm entrance to The Reading Room.

Result: Thanks to the knowledge and skills of everyone involved, the new joinery at The Reading Room has captured the spirit of this exciting venue. Creating beautiful areas of light within the walls and offering a magnificent view from the enchanting gardens, we are sure that all who fall in love inside will continue to fall in love with the outside of this fairy-tale building. Without doubt, The Reading Room project was one of our favourite of 2016 and we are incredibly excited to see this wonderful building completed and open to the public in the New Year.

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